freeundeasysuperparty charter
freeundeasysuperparty started in berlin.
freeundeasysuperparty currently runs in melbourne.
freeundeasysuperparty is a mixed bag of god knows what.
freeundeasysuperparty is limited to 26 guests.
freeundeasysuperparty only gives 26 hours warning.
freeundeasysuperparty has no further affinities with the number 26.
freeundeasysuperparty is strictly invitation only. invite yourself by clicking a letter.
freeundeasysuperparty was founded by luke howard, bethany jones & michael roper.

freeundeasysuperparty etymology
free = bring food or beverage appropriate to your selected letter.
und = german heritage.
easy = invitation only. one invitation per person. strictly no extras.
super = a modest 26 guests.
party = a vehicle for performance and display.

freeundeasysuperparty contact
26 at freeundeasysuperparty dot com